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Today Income Tax Department published the pre-fill ITR (information regarding how to fileIncome Tax Return) to submit Annual Income Tax Return in Form ITR 2 for assessment year 2013-14. It helps Taxpayee while filing Income Tax Return upto 31.03.2014 of Asstt. Year 2013-14. Please download the ITR Form from the portal. To know more on how to download, pre-fill and upload. Income tax return preparation software ay 2013-14.

Download Income Tax Returnand Upload XML

To file an Income Tax Return electronically, you should download the Income Tax Return(ITR) Utility applicable, fill and generate an XML. This XML should be uploaded in the application post LOGIN.
You can also pre-fill personal and tax information, a new feature in this application.

Income Tax Enable ITR 2 form e filing service. Income tax return preparation software a y 2013-14.

ITR 2 Form for the Assessment Year 2013-14.

Return can be filed in ITR 2 form if during the year income of assessee includes following:
1)      Income from salary or pension.
2)      Income from other sources (including winning from lottery and race horses).
3)      Income from House Property.
4)      Capital gains.

Assessee cannot file return of income in ITR 2 form if he has earned income from business or profession during the year.


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